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Enterprise Solutions

Services and Solutions in the fields of Microsoft Windows Workplace Design and Implementation, Infrastructure Build and Management, Private Cloud Architecture and Datacenter Automation. Your people will love it!


Industry 4.0 Solutions

Industry 4.0 Solutions

Software, Infrastructure and Services for the nextgen Industry: Get ERP system continuity for visibility across connected Production Lines! We are truly passionate about bringing our Software driven Expertise in the fields of Plant and Line Infrastructure, Planning, Packaging, Track & Trace Serialization, Shop Floor Activity Tracking, Overal Equipment Efficiency, KPI's and Warehousing.


 SSCMON 2.0 & gears

Manufacturing Intelligence Software

Level 4 Serialization Data Reporting and Supply Chain Monitoring for Track and Trace enabled Manufacturing Shop Floors.

Our Serialization and Supply Chain Monitoring Software delivers deep insights on your Track and Trace Solution.

It's called gears and it unifies Data abstraction Layers: Business Logic with planning, Maintenance, Material Changes, Shop Floor activities...

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