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Founded in 2014, microtom is locally owned and operated in Switzerland, near the lovely town of Basel. We have extensive experience with providing high quality Information Technology Services from mid-size to global operating companies throughout a variety of industries such as Pharmaceutics, Bio-Tech, Nano-Tech, Information Technology and Government Institutions.

microtom is highly committed to developing long term relationships with our customers and own employees. We support you in achieving your objectives, provide great results as well as an unique and up-to-date end user experience.

We are highly passionate and innovative about what we do. Offering a wide range, but also very carefully selected and evaluated set of Technologies and Services.

Our aim is to be a leading company in developing and implementing cutting edge Enterprise Solutions by keeping our focus on an end user scenario.

We are very passionate about computer technologies, which helps us a lot to understand our customers desires and how to achieve the best results. Interaction with all kind of people from different backgrounds and cultures motivates us strongly and gives us a different angle to look at things.

With a great team of young and more experienced employees, we keep an excellent balance in between experience and innovation.

Our aim is to help revolutionize Manufacturing sectors of the Industry by harmonizing Humans and Machines with clever Software.

"A good exchange with our customers to understand and know what goals must be achieved is fundamental.
Therefore we want to show the value of using certain technologies."
Thomas Schindler - Founder and Owner


Alexander Gisin


Application Engineer
Chiara Carbone


Software Developer
Florian Schaer


Solution Architect


Support Specialist

Dr. Chris

Advisory Services, Business Development


Executive Assistant
Eveline Holland


Business Administrator
Harald Ullmann


Software Developer
Thomas Schindler


Founder and Owner
Thomas Schindler


Web Designer


  • F. Hoffmann-La Roche
    (Pharma / Healthcare)
  • Novartis
    (Pharma / Healthcare)
  • Rolic Technologies
  • All4PCB
F. Hoffmann-La Roche
Rolic Technologies

microtom is a Microsoft Partner

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